Deploying Gatsby on Netlify 💻

How can you deploy Gatsby on Netlify? 🤔

  1. Go to Netlify
  2. Singup or login via github/gitlab or your choice 😅. I will be login via github.
  3. Click New Site from Git
    New Site Gatsby
  4. Select Github or any option
    New Site Gatsby
  5. Give access to netlify for selected Repos
    Install Netlify
  6. Pick a repository (example: gatsby-intro)
  7. Click on repo name with right accordian button
    Select Project from github
  8. Click on Deploy Site
    Deploy Site
  9. You can check the building status here
    Check Build status
  10. Once its get deployed, you will see published status ✅ or ❌

You can also deploy specific branch in Netlify. Once you create pull request it will automatically create the building part.

URL of netlify is different, that we can changes from general settings in change site name.