Numeric Separators in JavaScript

Numeric Separators give us the ability to separate thousands with an underscore (_) in numeric literals.

How it’s useful❓

It makes our code more informative and readable.

let series = 10000;

Numeric Separators in javascript, enables underscore as a separator in numeric literals to improve readability.


let series = 1_00_00;

You can also use this for binary, octal, and hex numbers.

Binary Number πŸ‘»
let series1 = 0b1010_0101_1001;
console.log(series1); // 2649
Octal Number: πŸ‘»
let series2 = 0o2_3_5_7;
console.log(series2); // 1263
Hex Number: πŸ‘»
let series3 = 0xA_B_C_D_E;
console.log(series3); // 703710

Few Limitation πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ

Below limitation snippet will throw SyntaxError

  1. More than one underscore in a row is not allowed

    let series1 = 100__000;
  2. Can not be used after leading 0

    let series2 = 0_1;
  3. Not allowed at the end of numeric literals

    let series3= 100_;

Browser Support πŸŽ—

This feature has pretty good support in recent versions of browsers.

Check this out πŸ‘‡

browser support for numeric separators

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